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Consulting Services

Proven Success

Initial Analysis & Planning

You've come this far, now let's evaluate your potential.

Application Timeline Management

Let us help take the stress out of applications. At TrueFit, we believe the admissions process should be enjoyable.

Transcript Assessment

Used as an evaluation tool, it will assist us in understanding what we can develop.

TrueFit Individualized College List

At TrueFit, we do things a little differently. We chose our name because we know how valuable finding the right college fit can be. While many applicants are passionate about college rankings, we recognize that finding the right fit is the most critical aspect of the admissions process and sometimes the most difficult. Our holistic approach provides each client with an individualized plan using the TrueFit algorithm.

Consulting Services

Proven Success

High School/Community College Course Selection

While one small detail of an application, such as deciding between a business statistics and mathematical statistics course may make a marginal difference, when you add them all up, it could very well define your admissions outcome. Let us help you make the most of your course selection.

Resume Coaching

Whether applying to college or your first job, having a polished resume is of paramount importance. As the digital world evolves, a resume is your new first impression.

Summer & Extracurricular Consulting

Each detail of an application plays a unique roll in the admissions process. Extracurricular activities are no different.

Personal Statement & Supplemental Essay Advising

The main and supplemental essays are by far the most personal part of the application and hold significant influence. Your ability to articulate your experiences onto paper is one way you can ensure your package stands out.

Consulting Services

Proven Success

Interview Preparation

They say, "practice makes perfect". At TrueFit, we believe in going above and beyond. This is why we customize our "interview coaching" to each client's specific needs. Before we even began, we gather an array of information that includes asking who you're interviewing with, what you're interviewing for, and why you're interested in that specific institution or job position. This allows us to develop the ultimate game-plan. But it doesn't stop there. Once we have a better understanding, we spend hours researching, developing, and networking to ensure we are giving you the best chance at success.

PreFlight Your App

We subject your application to an array of rigorous evaluations to ensure its ready for submission. You'll also have the benefit of partnering with a consultant who's not only been through the application process but one that had success using the Coalition Application, Common Application, University of California Application, Columbia Application, and Dartmouth application. At the end of the day, It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes.

Financial Aid Review

We know the financial aid process can be complicated, which is why we are here to help.

Decision-Time Support

Even after you've submitted your application, regardless of your request, we'll do everything we can to accommodate. From deciding which acceptance to take to understanding your financial aid package and everything in between, we are here for you every step of the way.

Additional Services

Proven Success

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Career Analysis & Coaching

A Comprehensive Approach

Military Career Guidance

Expert Advising

SAT & ACT Advising

Expanding Your Options

Additional Services

Proven Success

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Networking Event

Freshman, Sophomore, & Junior Coaching

At TrueFit, we understand that not all high school students are ready for a four-year university. Deciding on your future at such a young age can be scary, but you don't have to do that alone. Let an expert who's been through the process advise you. We put our clients first, which means informing them of all their options. (Parental / Legal Guardian form required).

Letters of Recommendation Advising

As acceptance rates gradually decline, admissions competitiveness has been completely redefined. Today, the details of an application hold more weight than ever before. Understanding both what universities are looking for and how they differ in their interests is an invaluable advantage in the admissions process.

Insider College Information

Although there are a handful of aspiring scholars who've achieved admissions into the world's top universities, there are even fewer who can articulate what they've learned into a teaching format. At TrueFit, you're partnering with a consultant who attended an Ivy League institution with a network that extends to every corner of the academic community.


1) The consultant will exercise his or her best efforts to assist each student in achieving optimal outcomes. While using our service can enhance an applicant's chances of being admitted, we cannot and do not guarantee test results, and/or admittance into any particular program, college, or university.

 2) A client's personal information is to remain confidential at all times and is only to be used by the adviser solely to provide college coaching services. If the consultant wishes to share information on the client's behalf, written documentation from the client, or client's parents, must first be provided. 

3) Clients must understand that consultants are limited to making suggestions and recommendations. The client must use sound judgment in making final decisions.  

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