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About Nikhel

Nikhel Sylvain is an MBA Candidate at Michigan Ross. Previously, Mr. Sylvain was an Analyst at Canyon Partners. Mr. Sylvain joined Canyon in 2023 and served as a product specialist for Canyon's distressed platform. Prior to joining Canyon, Mr. Sylvain worked as an Analyst at J.P. Morgan, served in the United States Air Force as an In-Flight Refueler, and founded TrueFit Admissions, a startup aimed at addressing inequities within elite higher education. Mr. Sylvain is a graduate of Brown University (B.A.).

Mr. Sylvain has contributed to the boards and held prominent roles at the Ivy League Veterans Council, the Brown Flying Club, the Brown University Rusuemed Undergraduate Council, and the Brown University Pre-Law Society. In his free time, Mr. Sylvain enjoys traveling and has visited over forty-five countries and nearly every domestic state. Mr. Sylvain has dedicated over three thousand hours to community service and is committed to leaving a lasting impact on society.

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Why TrueFit Admissions?

At TrueFit, we do things a little differently. We chose our name because we know how valuable finding the right college fit can be. While many applicants are passionate about college rankings, we recognize that finding the right fit is the most critical aspect of the admissions process and sometimes the most difficult. Utilizing our very own algorithm, our holistic approach allows us to establish a baseline. Once we understand our client, we can focus on developing a game plan.

What's the difference between TrueFit Admissions and the competition?

While other agencies offer consultants who are formally educated or have worked in the realm of admissions, having been through the experience firsthand, we offer a unique perspective into the application process. Although there are a handful of aspiring scholars who've achieved admissions into the world's top universities, there are even fewer who can articulate what they've learned into a teaching format. When you partner with TrueFit Admissions, you will be collaborating with actual scholars who were not only admitted but attended the world's most selective universities.


1) The consultant will exercise his or her best efforts to assist each student in achieving optimal outcomes. While using our service can enhance an applicant's chances of being admitted, we cannot and do not guarantee test results, and/or admittance into any particular program, college, or university. 
2) A client's personal information is to remain confidential at all times and is only to be used by the adviser solely to provide college coaching services. If the consultant wishes to share information on the client's behalf, written documentation from the client, or client's parents, must first be provided. 
3) Clients must understand that consultants are limited to making suggestions and recommendations. The client must use sound judgment in making final decisions.  

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