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Our Placements

When it comes to school placement, we know a thing or two because we've gained admissions into quite a few. Our list represents the very best in education, and we look forward to adding to it in the future. 

Examples of acceptance:

Brown University,

Claremont McKenna College,

Columbia University,

Cornell University,

Dartmouth College,

Emory University, 

Harvard University 

Johns Hopkins University,

New York University,

Northwestern University,

Pitzer College,

Princeton University,

Rice University,

The University of Chicago,

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

University of California Berkeley, 

University of California Davis,

University of California Irvine,

University of California Los Angelas,

University of California Santa Barbra,

University of California San Diego,

University of Michigan,

University of Pennsylvania,

University of Rochester,

University of Southern California,

University of Virginia.

Yale University  

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