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It's time we make your dreams a reality.

For nontraditional students, navigating the application process can be challenging. At TrueFit, we've dedicated ourselves to simplifying this journey as we assist scholars from diverse backgrounds in securing admissions to esteemed institutions.

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The Inspiration Behind TrueFit

As it stands today, our greatest barrier to elite higher education is not exclusion but rather adaptation. More precisely, the unintentional effect of those from affluent environments in their acclimation to an ever-changing scholastic world. Simply put, those without resourced backgrounds are at a disproportional disadvantage in the college admissions process. In an effort to combat this inequity, there are scholars around the globe, such as myself, who aim to change the status quo, one student at a time. It is because of this very barrier that I became captivated by the college admissions process. Ultimately, I realized that too many community college transfers, veteran scholars, and high school applicants were limiting themselves simply because they believed in a self-fulfilling prophecy that wasn't true. It was then that I vowed to assist students of all backgrounds with college applications. If you would like to learn more about TrueFit and our founder, please click the "Learn More" tab located directly below, the link to the published article, or one of the LinkedIn Icons found throughout the website.

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As featured in the Davis Enterprise.

"Now attending Brown University as a double major in economics and political science, the Davisite says that eye-opening experience spurred him to launch a personal consulting business called TrueFit Admissions — a startup aimed specifically at assisting non-traditional students including military veterans and community college graduates, like himself, in the college admissions and transfer process." 

-Owen Yancher, Davis Enterprise. 

Davis Enterprise Article

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